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Here at Peak Printing we make it really simple here. Simply choose the type of Product below you wish to have custom designed. Add the corresponding price to your cart and check out and pay. Next, send your sizing, content, ideas, colours, and any other artwork you may have to along with your order number. You will then be teamed up one of our talented designers to turn your idea into a masterpiece. 

All Pricing below includes 3 Revisions.  Any revisions up and over will be extra. 

If you wish to have us check your file to make sure it is print ready (the files are set up correctly) before you place your order simply sent it to us and we will happily check it for FREE!

Custom Design Price List
File Check Service         FREE!
File Edit Service (15 min)$10.00
Business Card (60 min)$60.00
Brochure (120 min)$120.00
Bookmark (60 min)$60.00
Booklet (150 min)$150.00
Flyer/Menu (120 min)$120.00
Door Hanger (60 min)$60.00
Letterhead  (30 min)$45.00
Envelopes (30 min)$45.00
Tickets (60 min)$60.00
Notepads (60 min)$60.00
Calendars (150 min)$150.00
Greeting Card (60 min)$60.00
Stickers/Labels (45 min)$45.00
Pocket Folders (60 min)$60.00
Facebook Ad Post (30 min)$45.00
LinkedIn Ad Post (30 min)$45.00
Instagram Ad Post (30 min)$45.00
Poster (120 min)$120.00
Coroplast Sign (60 min)$60.00
Sintra Sign (60 min)$60.00
Foamcore Sign (60 min)$60.00
Vinyl Banners (120 min)$120.00
Canvas (90 min)$90.00
Magnet Design (30 min)$45.00
Wall Calendars (60 min)$60.00
Display Board (POP) (60 min)$60.00
Tent Cards (60 min)$60.00
Pull Up Banners (120 min)$120.00
Window Cling Design (120 min)$120.00
CD Covers (90 min)$90.00
Tear Cards (60 min)$60.00
Styrene Signs (60 min)$60.00

TotalC$ 10.00
Estimated TotalC$ 10.00

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